Today's 10 Best Amazon Daily Deals - November 21

2022-12-21 16:46:39 By : Ms. Lisa Li

Another day, another deal! See what can't-miss opportunities Amazon has prepared for November 21st before they disappear for good!

It's a holiday week with Thanksgiving and Black Friday right around the corner, but eager buyers don't have to wait that long to get the best prices on anything they may need. Amazon has its users covered in getting them exclusive deals on anything they need to best enjoy their holiday filled with friends, family, and food. Moreover, Amazon Prime users even have access to special Early Black Friday deals that can't be missed.

Whether looking to treat yourself to something special or looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member, there is no better way to spend your next shopping spree than with Amazon, which can get you fantastic prices and quick delivery times. From LEGO kits to hit video games, these are the best deals for Monday, November 21, 2022.

It has been the dream of many Star Wars fans to own the official LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon--and this dream just became easier to achieve than ever. This set is based on Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker and includes over 1,300 pieces, including seven mini-figures based on iconic characters from the film.

At its generous discounted rate, this product makes the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan, promising hours of fun as players build and play with the iconic spaceship, which is detailed to look exactly like the version seen on the big screen.

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The Razer Kraken Gaming Headset is comfortable, convenient, and compatible, making it easier than ever to connect with other gamers or simply enjoy a solo gaming session. They are also far cheaper now than the usual retail price, making now the perfect time to enhance your gaming experience.

As families come together for the holiday, multiplayer gaming becomes more important than ever. Thankfully, the Turtle Beach Recon Controller has gamers covered, offering an extra wired controller compatible with X Box One, Series X, Series S, and Windows 10 PCs. This sleek and comfortable controller also comes in a host of different colors, personalizing each gaming experience.

The Turtle Beach Recon Controller is built for comfortable gameplay, offering conveniently placed buttons and keypads to streamline every session. With slashed prices, now is the perfect time for players to join one Amazon user, who calls the Recon Controller their "favorite controller for PC gameplay."

The Guardians Of the Galaxy are sure to be a hit this Thanksgiving week, as the new Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special hits Disney+ on Friday. Fans don't have to wait that long to revisit their favorite space-faring team, as Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy for PlayStation 5 is now available for a 40% reduced rate!

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This game allows Marvel fans to become Star-Lord and lead their family of intergalactic defenders in a story of cosmic proportions. From developer Square Enix, Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy features all of your favorite characters, including Drax, Groot, Gamora, Rocket Raccoon, and more!

As the World Cup begins its first stage, it has never been easier for fans to insert themselves into their favorite sport with the new FIFA 23 video game. Soccer fans can now purchase a FIFA 23 Digital Code for Xbox One for historically low prices, gaining them access to the newest edition of the fan-favorite game and all its features.

FIFA 23 is only the latest in the prestigious series of soccer-based games that allows players to immerse themselves in the ins and outs of their favorite teams, players, and match-ups. And, with a digital purchase, Amazon is cutting out the middleman, letting buyers buy, download, and play the game without ever leaving the comfort of home.

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With experiments ranging from volcano displays to rocket launches, this science kit features lessons in multiple areas of science, including chemistry, earth studies, and its very own "magic science" that will leave its users in awe. This makes the perfect gift for someone looking for something both fun and educational.

From developer Square Enix, Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a part of the hit multimedia franchise Final Fantasy. Made for the PlayStation 5, Stranger of Paradise is available for half off of its usual list price, making it easier than ever to download and play.

This game comes with intense action and character customization that allows players to immerse themselves in the world of Final Fantasy. Complete with an online multiplayer mode, Stranger Of Paradise can also be the perfect bonding experience for friends with a shared interest in its fictional universe.

As Thanksgiving approaches, food won't be the only thing that brings families to the table. A new take on an old classic, Monopoly: Unicorns Vs. Llamas is an Amazon Exclusive deal that offers yet another bonding experience for anyone eager to compete against their family and friends in a game about adorable animals and terrific titles.

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Unicorns Vs. Llamas ditches some of the more competitive aspects of the original Monopoly game, streamlining the fun instead. Players can team up to compete for funny titles like "Most Huggable" and "Cutest Babies" as they each assert the dominance of their animal of choice.

Anyone looking for an extra special gift can look no further than this Handcrafted Wooden Chess Set, which comes in varying sizes and colors to fit the needs and preferences of the resident chess enthusiast in your life.

This isn't just any plain chess set but includes a delicately crafted board and a complete set of hand-made chess pieces that can't be outshone by typical store-bought sets. Buyers who act now can get as much as 15% off this beautifully made wooden chess set.

Whoever said that lightsaber duels were just for kids? The ELESKOCO Motion Control Dueling Lightsabers for Adults make it easier than ever to immerse yourself in a galaxy far, far away, with a reduced price that offers Star Wars fans 20% off the product of their childhood fantasies.

Buyers can customize their own purchase with different hilts, making each lightsaber unique. Every lightsaber also comes with an alternating array of colors and a sensor that allows them to turn their blade on and off on a whim like a true Jedi. With real sound effects directly from the films and clashing effects for duels, the Star Wars galaxy just became much more accessible.

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